As-Yet Untitled Topical Comedy Facebook Project

I spent a really fun yesterday working on a new, as-yet untitled topical comedy project with a bunch of excellent, talented people. The project is the brainchild of producer/co-writer Alex Hardy, and essentially combines a load of social media apps and trends with some satirical silliness to present a bunch of political talking-head nonsense as refracted through the filter of a Facebook profile. Difficult to explain, really, but it's a great concept and the two-day shoot produced a load of really brilliant stuff. I was part of the writing team, which also included Catherine Brinkworth, Benjamin Alborough, Eleanor Morton, Natt Tapley, Sooz Kempner and Mark Stephenson. I also provide the voices of Tim Farron and Paul Nuttall, and the whole thing was directed by Matthew Highton. It's currently being edited and we're hoping to have it out online in time for the election on Thursday, so watch this space! Congratulations to all involved for a great shoot, and thanks to Alex for having me be part of a really fun project. Here's a picture of me trying out one of the Theresa May masks: