Comedians' Cinema Club 1 On 1 Podcast

As regular visitors will know, I'm a semi-regular guest on the Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast, but one particular strand of the podcast is a bit more exclusive. It's the 1 On 1 Series, in which regular hosts Eric Lampaert and Matthew Highton have an extended one-on-one chat with an illustrious guest from the world of film - previous guests include Ross Noble, Julia Davis and more - and this week it's me! I think I'm there less as "illustrious guest from the world of film" and more as "Cinema Club regular has extended chat," but it was still lovely to chat about film with Eric in a more extended and focused format than the group podcasts I usually take part in for Cinema Club. We talked about my favourite film, Pixar's Up, and also discussed early experiences of cinema, what made me want to work in film as an actor and writer, and other fun things. You can listen to the episode here, and you can also subscribe to the Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast on iTunes and all other places that do podcasts. Enjoy!