Apoca Lips

Well, having posted about an "untitled topical comedy project" only a few days ago, the creative team behind it have done an incredible job and worked overtime in order to get it out in time for yesterday's General Election, and here it is, now going under its final title, Apoca Lips. The project is the brainchild of producer/writer Alex Hardy, and sees a bunch of comics putting words into the mouths of politicians via some tricksy, daft visual effects and taking a silly social-media-oriented swipe at the current crop of party leaders (plus Boris). I was part of the writing team, along with Alex, Matthew Highton (who directed it), Benjamin Alborough, Cameron Loxdale, Catherine Brinkworth, Chris Aitken, Eleanor Morton, Nat Tapley, Jon Horsley and Mark Stephenson, and I also provide the voices of Paul Nuttall and Tim Farron. It also stars Catherine Brinkworth as Theresa May, Mark Stephenson as Jeremy Corbyn, Eleanor Morton as Nicola Sturgeon and Nat Tapley as Boris Johnson. It's already received positive notices from Chortle, British Comedy Guide and even a guy who's worked for decades in the policy sector who've acclaimed it as the funniest election spoof he's seen. We'll be filming at least one more episode to capture the aftermath of the election, so if you enjoy it keep your eyes peeled for more! Here it is: