Apoca Lips: Post-Election Bonus Episode

We got the full 10-minute version of Alex Hardy's topical comedy project Apoca Lips up just in time for the election, which was deeply impressive as it was all shot and edited in under a week. However, due to the outcome, it's fair to say the political landscape has already changed a fair bit, so we decided to write, shoot and edit a post-election bonus episode in just one day! Sadly, Mark Stephenson was unavailable, so I've had to step into his shoes and voice Corbyn as well as Farron and Nuttall. Eleanor Morton returns as Nicola Sturgeon, Catherine Brinkworth as Theresa May and Nathaniel Tapley as Boris Johnson. It was produced and co-written by Alex Hardy, directed by Matthew Highton and writing team also consisted of the cast plus Benjamin Alborough, Cameron Loxdale, Chris Aitken, Jon Horsley and Sarah Gibbs. Enjoy!