Robert Johnson & The Devil Man

Matthew Highton and I are finally unleashing our second short film collaboration into the world!

I'd wanted to make a film about Robert Johnson for years, then Grace Gibson planted the seed of an idea that unlocked this whole film for me. It's come together into, I think, one of the best scripts I've written, with lovely direction from Matt and a toweringly excellent lead performance from David Mills as the Devil (and a not-too-shabby performance from me as his latest protege).

Sam Nicoresti was our amazing DOP, Alwin Solanky was brilliant on sound, and Alex 'Alfie' Hardy was our wonderful script editor, and thank yous are also due to Eleanor Morton, Janet Bettesworth, Hollie Ebdon and Louis Brennan.

I'm really, really proud of this. Please Share it if you enjoy it! xx