More Reviews For Robert Johnson

Being part of Turtle Canyon Comedy's big summer playlist, mine and Matthew Highton's latest short film, Robert Johnson & The Devil Man, has garnered a bit of interest from various quarters of the comedy press, and so far everybody's been very nice about it. Here's Short Com's reviews of the entire Turtle Canyon Package, which praises the film as "Eerie, mysterious and unique...Funny and absorbing" and here's Laugh Out London run-downs of their favourite videos from the package, which singles out the film as "A mysterious, moody and funny short...Top acting work from David Mills and Joz Norris." Thanks to them both for the kind words! Do watch some of the other videos in the playlist if you fancy it as well, it includes work from Ian Smith, James Acaster, Ed Gamble, John Kearns, Luke McQueen, Suzi Ruffell, I Am Wario and many others.