Thank You, ARGComFest!

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon at the wonderful ARGComFest (Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival), which stages a takeover of Shoreditch Town Hall for a weekend every July to stage a bunch of really exciting Edinburgh previews. I've always heard lovely things about it and wanted to perform there and it was a real delight, all of the excitement and fun and cameraderie of the Edinburgh Fringe concentrated into one afternoon. I had a blast introducing Eleanor Morton, Michael Legge, Robin Ince and Desiree Burch's great shows, and there were loads of other legends involved too. Big congrats to James Lowey and all the team who made it happen, and to all the brilliant acts. Thanks to them for having me, and fingers crossed I'll be back next year too. Also, a big special thank you to whoever made my dreams come true by having me be one of the answers in a word search put together for the ARG Times. Very exciting.