1001 Albums Project

I've been slowly progressing on a personal passion project to do with my anorak obsession with music history for the last couple of weeks, but I've realised I haven't posted about it here, so anybody who just comes here for the news updates but doesn't necessarily click around the different pages of the website might have missed it. Essentially, I'm listening to my own personal list of my favourite 1001 albums of all time in chronological order from 1955, and posting a couple of brief thoughts about each one, on this page over here. I realise it's got very little to do with my comedy work, which is the main reason for this website, so isn't necessarily of interest to people reading this, but if I do have any people who visit this site and are also big music anoraks, feel free to browse through the list and see what I make of any of your favourites too! You can even listen along with me if you like, or get in touch to suggest favourites of yours that I've missed - if you make a very compelling case for them I might even give them a try and add them if I like them. Anyway, just thought I'd signpost it in case any regular readers have missed it, and I hope somebody out there finds it interesting!