Joker Face

Steve Best's book "Joker Face" is really good and interesting and comedy fans should buy it - it's backstage photos of over 500 comedians sharing their favourite one-liners and some weird facts about themselves. Also I'm in it!

The reason my eyes look so incredibly sad even though I'm trying to smile is because this was taken about 20 minutes after a gig which ended with 150 people booing me offstage as I tried to sing "My Way" with a toilet seat on my head, throwing full cans of beer at me and telling me to kill myself or fuck off back to Live At The Apollo before someone pretending to be Malcolm Hardee came back on and said "He'll probably be massive!" and everybody laughed and clapped. Really glad that gig's been immortalised in my eyes here.

Anyway, buy his book. You can find out more at his website here.