Hit The Floor - The Comedians' Guide To Who To See At This Year's Fringe

Gosh, what a lot of Fringe promo I've done this year. Too much, really, I reckon. I imagine for most people keeping track of it it's crossed the line from "This looks fun and interesting" into "This is getting a bit much now." Oh well, I'm pretty certain this is the last bit of promo I did, and it's a bit different and a bit less narcissistic than usual - Hit The Floor magazine asked a bunch of Fringe "veterans" to recommend somebody doing their very first Fringe, so here's me waxing lyrical about the very funny Andy Barr. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, yesterday was the first performance of my new show at the Fringe and was really lovely. I'm really looking forward to doing it every day for a month, I have such fun with it. You can still book tickets here and hopefully I'll see your lovely face there one day during the run. All the best!