The Family Tree Podcast Season 2: Episode 1

Season 2 of The Family Tree Podcast has begun, and you can listen to Episode 1 here. For those not up-to-date, The Family Tree is a semi-improvised magical realist podcast devised and created by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite that explores the idea of solving mysteries through conversation. Season 1 told the story of the Sullivan family as they struggled to solve an unsolvable mystery that disrupted their entire family history. Season 2 picks up where that left off and makes the story bigger and wider-reaching than before. I play Nathan Sullivan, a lonely, self-absorbed but fairly sweet-natured idiot who enjoys indulging ridiculous theories about the stories going on around him even when his entire family entreats him to take it more seriously. In Season 2, Nathan sets up a separate "spin-off" podcast-within-a-podcast called Thought Adventures, in which he and his friend Nigel (the amazing Michael Brunstrom) try to find outlandish solutions to complicated, universal questions. Episode of 1 of Season 2 of The Family Tree is also Episode 1 of Thought Adventures. As you can tell, the story gets a bit more complicated in Season 2, so I recommend going back and listening to Season 1 if you haven't yet so that you're up to date with the story. If you're already up to speed, then get listening to Season 2 and enjoy!