Bunbury Review & Chortle's "Heinously Overlooked" Column

Just a couple of EdFringe press bits - first, here's a lovely 5-star review from the good folks at Bunbury Magazine. Many thanks to them for the kind words.

Secondly, the shortlist for the Edinburgh Comedy Awards are out as of today and include some absolutely incredible shows, most notably some of my dear friends and close colleagues like Lucy Pearman, Spencer Jones and Mat Ewins. But to tide us over until then, Chortle released this article on comedians who Fringe acts think have been "heinously overlooked" by the awards judges in previous years. The amazing Ed Aczel has kindly mentioned me alongside Brian Gittins, Jo Neary and Paul Currie as people who've perhaps been given short shrift in previous years. I don't know if Ed is being too kind or not, but it's lovely to be mentioned alongside such prestigious company, so thanks to him also.