Tony Law & Friends: The Battle For Icetopia

As usual, it's only so long that the Edinburgh Fringe drives me off into isolation before I inevitably return for some sort of stupid project, usually with Weirdos. This year's is the stupidest yet. It's a comedy musical on ice starring Tony Law being performed on October 14th at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink. Apparently it's already selling really well. It will be absolutely ridiculous. Tony's wanted to do a show on ice for years, but everybody kept telling him it could never work, then he approached Adam Larter about it and now it's happening. Adam is writing and directing, Alex Hardy is producing, and the rest of the cast includes myself, Ali Brice, Marny Godden, Michael Brunstrom, Matt Tedford, Holly Burn, Elf Lyons, Eleanor Morton, Matthew Highton, Ben Target and Bob Slayer. It will be utterly ludicrous, and it's daft enough that it's even happening. Here's an article about it from The Velvet Onion, and here's a link to buy tickets. See you there!