Ed Aczel & Joz Norris: In Search Of Something

At the start of this year Edward Aczel and I thought it would be funny to make a documentary about two guys trying to make a documentary but failing because they didn't know what their documentary was about. So we made a sort of pilot version of that idea.

That pilot spent the summer going around the houses with a few people in TV-land, and the people in TV-land said "We like you guys, and we get it. But it's actually not really possible to make an ongoing comedy documentary series about nothing." "We know," we smiled back. "That's why we've done it." "We appreciate that," said the TV people, "but there is actually a good reason why nobody's really ever made a comedy documentary series with no subject or concept or idea." "Yes," we replied, "we hadn't done it yet." "Look," they said, "please can you go away and make something where something actually happens?"

So we're writing an action movie now, but it seems a shame to have made that taster for no reason, so here it is for everyone to enjoy! Directed by the amazing Jonathan Brooks, and also starring Jacob Edwards, Alison Thea-Skot, John Kearns and Ben Target. Thanks to them all for being brilliant.

Please share it around if you enjoy it, the further word spreads about us the more likely the TV guys are to let us make our action crime thriller!