Tony Law & Jonathan Ross On The Battle For Icetopia

From about 49:00 to 57:00 of this episode of BBC Radio 2's Arts Show, Tony Law talks to Jonathan Ross about the upcoming production of The Battle For Icetopia.

They start the interview by reminiscing about the last time they worked together, on an episode of Celebrity Squares a couple of years ago. They don't mention it, but I was the warm-up guy for that episode and was so bad that I was publicly sacked by Warwick Davis halfway through the recording and replaced by the guy who does X Factor.

Towards the end of the interview, while discussing the skating ability of the rest of the cast, Tony flat-out says "Joz Norris is terrible, I'm really scared for him."

I doubt very much that either of these instances have registered much in Jonathan Ross's mind, but I do like that the only times I have ever entered even tangentially into his awareness are in the context of me being awful.

So yeah, listening to this interview was a rollercoaster for me. Book your tickets to the show, anyway.