Boondoggle: The Intro Vids

I love this silly short from Sam Nicoresti, Tom Burgess, Siân Docksey and Zoë Tomalin so much, it was so much fun to be part of.

After we'd filmed it I realised that my role in it reminded me slightly of Mitchell & Webb's old Green Clarinet sketch, not because it was an overtly similar premise or anything, but there just seemed to be vague echoes of it in the idea of my character. I realised I hadn't watched that sketch in years so watched it again and laughed a lot when I realised I had note-for-note ripped off Robert Webb's performance in that sketch, even down to the choice of what stupid voice to put on. Genuinely had no idea I was doing it.

Anyway, this is Part 1 of a wonderful series S&T&S&Z have put together and it's such a joy, do watch them all, and enjoy my ridiculous gurning in Episodes 1 (below) and 2 (here). You can watch a playlist of the entire series here. The series of shorts were written and filmed to bookend the monthly Boondoggle shows that Sam & Tom and Sian & Zoe ran at the Miller last year, and it's so nice to see them out in public now!