The Guardian On The Battle For Icetopia

I'm afraid I haven't been keeping 100% up-to-date here on all the press coverage for Saturday's ridiculously ambitious production of Tony Law & Friends On Ice: The Battle For Icetopia at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, partly because there's been far too much, and partly because ticket sales have been going perfectly well without my needing to write about everything here for the benefit of my handful of regular readers. Suffice to say, it's been a Comedy Pick in the likes of TimeOut and the Sunday Times and others, but I'm checking in today to direct you to this lovely full feature by the Guardian on the show which excellently sums up the ridiculous "How on earth are they going to pull this off?" nature of the entire show, complete with a couple of pictures of me being a prat on the ice. The feature is in print in today's Guardian as well, so do pick up a copy. And there are only about 50 of 700 tickets left, so snap them up quick if you want to see the show! You can book them here.