The Battle For Icetopia - Thank You!

Well, as lots of you know, Weirdos' production of The Battle For Icetopia turned out to be a great success. About 750 people came to see it, and they were absolutely lovely. I flew up into the air at one point and landed on my head, but I was wearing a big padded moose's head so seem to have gotten away with it without major injury. Congratulations to all involved. Here's a lovely review from Beyond The Joke. Thank you those who came! And a huge well done to all who made it as spectacular as it was, most especially Tony Law for being brilliant and carrying such a complicated show and for having the initial idea that proved the spark for the whole project; to producer Alex Hardy for managing to turn an overwhelming number of incredibly ridiculous and over-the-top ideas into a concrete, actual, real project; and to writer-director Adam Larter, whose stupid ideas are always a joy to be involved with. I'll be honest, much as Adam and Weirdos have triumphed with plenty of ridiculous ideas in the past, there were times rehearsing this show when I wasn't sure how we were going to pull it off. Performing it on the ice yesterday and gradually realising, as nearly 1000 people cheered us on, that it was silly to ever doubt Adam's ability to turn stupid, impossible ideas into magical things, was a really lovely realisation to have. Well done, everyone.