"The Incredible Joz Norris..." Streaming on NextUp & Amazon Prime

My most recent Fringe show, The Incredible Joz Norris Locks Himself Inside His Own Show, Then Escapes, Against All The Odds!! (probably was a stupid idea calling it that, in hindsight), is now available for streaming online courtesy of the lovely folks at NextUp. NextUp is a platform for full live recordings of comedy shows so that they can have a home beyond the Edinburgh Fringe, and is fast becoming a sort of Netflix specifically catering to live comedy enthusiasts. They've got a seriously impressive roster of shows, from straight stand-up to character and sketch to absurdist stuff to storytelling, and they add new shows every week. You can have a free trial for the first thirty days, and then it's only about £3 per month after that. It's a really worthwhile investment for comedy afficionados, basically, particularly those who maybe sometimes struggle to find the time to get out and see shows live, or make it to the Fringe.

Even more excitingly, just this week NextUp launched a new deal with Amazon so that their entire channel is available as a bolt-on for Amazon Prime subscribers, so you can now watch NextUp shows not just online, but from the comfort of your TV if you're an Amazon customer. I'm very excited about this as it means my show comes up on our little telly when you search for it, and will hopefully open it up to a far wider audience all around the world than it reached as just a live show.

Anyway, basically I'd just like to extend a huge thank you to Dan, Matt, Sarah and Daisy at NextUp for all their hard work, and to all the team over there for recording, editing, producing and otherwise doing all the hard work with this filmed version. I was really pleased and proud of this show, and the performance they filmed happened to be one of the very best of the run, so it's very gratifying to think that it's out there hopefully gradually winning new fans. If you missed it, do think about signing up to NextUp to watch this and many other brilliant shows, it's a really worthwhile package. You can find my show here, or if you have Amazon you can search for Joz Norris from your Firestick or whatever and find more information about the bolt-on there. Enjoy!