How To Draw An Elephant

Fans of silly curly-haired Northern man Matthew Highton may have been keeping up with the series of videos he's recently been directing and producing. Essentially, Matt's curating a series of absurdist "How To..." sketches in which guest comics present a short sketch supposedly showing how to do a simple task in time-honoured Youtube fashion which then quickly escalate to very odd places. So far, all three of them have been pretty horrible as well. First there was Ali Brice's "How To Break The Ice At Parties," then Matt's own "How To Carve A Pumpkin." This time, it's my turn, and I've presented a crash course in "How To Draw An Elephant." It's a really fun, silly little sketch, Matt's done a lovely job on the edit, though be warned - it does get really quite weird and genuinely quite horrible. Enjoy!