The Guardian on The Care Home Tour

I think I mentioned it briefly here before, but earlier this autumn I was a small part of a really exciting, important project by Pope Lonergan and Ben Target called "The Care Home Tour" - a series of gigs in care homes to audiences consisting largely of elderly people with dementia, trying to present those residents with forms of entertaining a little more interesting and stimulating and less patronising than those sometimes provided in those environments, but that still engages them in a way that dementia-sufferers can follow and relate to (ie. more visual and interactive than logic-driven or narrative, and so on). I performed at a couple of work-in-progress gigs to try and explore what types of comedy might work in that environment, but sadly was unavailable for the first actual care home gig in October. I'm hoping to become more involved again in the New Year, but in the meantime, Si Hawkins has written this really fascinating and lovely article for the Guardian about that gig shedding some more light on the project and its aims. It's well worth a read, and congrats to all involved in the project, I hope it continues to be an exciting, challenging and worthwhile enterprise for everybody involved, particularly the residents themselves.