60 Minutes After Feeling Sad - Tickets On Sale!

Tickets are on sale for this, whatever it is. Until Monday evening I had absolutely no idea what it is really, or whether it'll be remotely any good, and when people asked me about it I'd just say "It's a sort of stand-up show but without an audience." I know better what it is now and I actually think it's going to be genuinely very interesting and good and funny, once I've invested a bit more time and care in figuring it out. I'm also very excited by the team of people I've managed to assemble around it to help me make sense of it, they're three of my favourite people working across comedy and theatre and I hope when we put our brains together we'll make a fun, odd little thing that's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Feels exciting to be doing something a bit different. Anyway, please buy your tickets. My plan is to go away and develop this show for a long time after February before rolling it out somewhere for a bigger run sometime, but it won't be at any other festivals at least until next autumn, so February 2nd is your only chance to see it anytime soon. Please do come, it's genuinely good. Tickets and more information are available here.