Our Film Is Cursed, And Debuting Tonight

The Gothic art-horror-comedy short film I've been banging on about for ages that me, Lucy Pearman, Sam Nicoresti and Lottie Bowater made is, it turns out, cursed, which is exciting and fits its sensibilities nicely. We were supposed to be giving it its debut screening last night at Depresstival Presents... but a combination of technical difficulties and snow making it impossible for Lucy and most of the audience to attend meant we had to sack off the screening. It's been rescheduled for a screening tonight at the Christmas Special of Boondoggle at the Miller in London Bridge, but word has just reached me that the venue have double-booked the night and the whole gig has been moved forward to 7pm rather than 8. A truly magnificent set of ominous setbacks and unplanned mishaps only befitting of a cursed, evil film that God never wanted anybody to see. Come see it tonight at the Miller at 7pm, along with live comedy from Sam & Tom; Sian & Zoe; Loose Brie and Lucy Pearman. It'll be fun!