The Baby: Where To Next?

Please forgive me for gushing one last time about The Baby.

My favourite thing about this film is that somewhere in-between me and Lucy Pearman writing and performing it, Sam Nicoresti directing and editing it and Lottie Bowater doing the lights and sound, it became something other than somebody's project and became an odd thing our imaginations collided over and helped shape. I've never worked on anything more collaborative and unusual.

Sam kept saying during the edit that what we'd made might not be a comedy. I wasn't sure as every time I watched the WIP picture edit it made me laugh so hard. Tonight for the first time I saw the finished film complete with Lottie's score and I was astonished. It's so much more strange than anything I think any one of us imagined. It has been a genuinely humbling and exciting and surprising and bizarre creative experience.

We're going to send it to festivals because we're so proud of it. Once it's done the rounds there hopefully you can all see it. It is really quite something. We'll also probably be organising more screenings next year to help raise money for festival submissions, so watch this space. Hopefully when it is eventually given a public release it'll have some nice festival accolades to its name. It deserves loads.

Also, Eleanor Morton and Will Seaward are fantastic in it and literally light up the screen when they appear. I am so proud of this thing.