Thought Adventures - Episode 4: Christmas Special!

It's time for Episode 4 of Thought Adventures, the spin-off podcast in which mine and Michael Brunstrom's characters explore outlandish ideas about the universe, and it's a Christmas special! The wider world of the Family Tree podcast has rolled on while Nathan and Nigel remain gleefully oblivious to it and continue sharing their occasional conspiracy theories about what changelings are and where they come from. This time, it's nearly Christmas so they've bought each other gifts, and this time there are some pretty major developments in the plot that may well have an impact on the wider progress of the Family Tree as a whole. As ever, this was so much fun to record, and it's a real joy listening back to them and hearing how funny and brilliant Michael is, and how not bad I am too. Remember, if you like and enjoy Thought Adventures then you can investigate the other latest twists and turns in the world of the Family Tree here on the website, the mystery continues to get deeper and stranger every episode, so do delve in and listen! Here's Episode 4 of Thought Adventures. The Family Tree and Thought Adventures are devised and directed and produced by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite, who are brilliant.