Tone Of Voice

Just a quick post about a very fun, silly, and genuinely quite interesting new project from Chief Weirdo Adam Larter, called Tone of Voice, which kicked off with its inaugural night this week. Despite making stupid comedy shows most of the time, Adam's day-job is actually as quite an important account manager for an advertising company, and Tone of Voice is a new night in which comedians seek to bring more abstract, creative, moral, and imaginative ways of thinking to the tropes of the advertising world. The audience are the client, Adam is the head of fictional advertising agency Stinky Winters PPPPPMJ, and the comedians pitch various creative responses to the brief for their new product. It's mostly daft and stupid like all Adam's projects, but also genuinely seeks to cast an unusual light on advertising and its practices. It's not a Weirdos project per se, though I am delighted to again be reprising my role of "Adam Larter's Irritating Sidekick" in my role as Stinky Winters PPPPPMJ's junior intern, generally interfering and making things difficult. The first night was really fun, and it's running monthly at the Albany with amazing line-ups including some of the best comics on the circuit right now. Tickets for next month's show can be found here, and here's a picture of me as an ad agecny intern with "ack" being projected on my face.