"Beyond Nervous Laughter." Exeunt Magazine Feature

This feature from Francesca Peschier at Exeunt Magazine is a really interesting, fascinating article. It's about a few shows at VAULT Festival, including mine, that are exploring mental health through humour or silliness or clowning, and it was really interesting chatting to Francesca about this and to figure out what it is I'm hoping to do with this show.

I feel it's worth my pointing out that I don't consider this show to be about a "condition" like anxiety or depression, I think it's a show about a feeling, sadness and loneliness specifically. But I was really grateful and interested to be approached by Francesca and to hear her thoughts about how this sort of show might cast a light on those sorts of bigger issues. We had a really enlightening chat, anyway, and she's written it all up into a really excellent read. Give it a read and head on down to VAULT Festival sometime over the next 8 weeks to watch these and other brilliant shows, it's a really exciting place.