Chortle Review Of Crosby, Not Stills, Not Nash & Young

This review makes me laugh so much. I went through a real self-esteem crisis in the autumn, stopped enjoying performing live, decided to tear everything up and make a theatre show and not do comedy for a while. Tentatively did a gig pretending to be Neil Young hiding behind a piano and sunglasses to get my confidence back up, enjoyed it so much I decided to do it for an hour in Edinburgh, with Ali Brice as David Crosby. An awful lot of people I told about this told me how terrible an idea it was. I completely agree with them, and reading this review and thinking we can create "a joyous sense of absurdity" with zero preparation makes me laugh out loud at the thought that we could get away with this awful idea for a show. Thanks to Ali for helping the idea to work, and to Steve for the kind words. Some sort of nonsense show called something like Joz Norris Is Neil Young For One Night Only, guest-starring Ali as Crosby and maybe others besides, will be coming to the Brighton Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe for a handful of one-off performances. Watch this space for more.