Londonist's Things To Do

I know I don't need to share every single bit of press I get on here, but this website is sort of 50% an actual site for people who want to hear my news, and 50% just my own scrapbook, so there we go. Anyway, Londonist have kindly featured 60 Minutes After Feeling Sad in their Things to Do this Friday, which you can read here. As I said here previously, the show is completely sold out so I'm afraid you can no longer get tickets anywhere, but after all the lovely things that have been said in the press about the show, I've got all the more reasons to bring it back and do many more performances of it in the future! Watch this space for what happens to it. Thanks so much to everybody for all the support and enthusiasm they've shown for the show, and apologies for people who only found out about it this week and now can't get tickets. I probably should've booked more dates, but there will be more at some point, I promise!