Ed & Joz's Heist Movie at Soho Theatre

Right then, onto the next thing. Long-time fans of my work will probably be aware of The Comedy Project, a season of new comedy writing curated by Ros Adler and staged at the Soho Theatre every year, where new scripts are given public performances to help get them in shape. I presented a reading of my sitcom script Deathbed there in 2016, and have performed roles in scripts by others several years in a row, including Mark Stephenson's Funk, Matthew Highton's The Stag And Vortex, Eleanor Morton's Family Outings and Ros Adler's Judgement Day. This year Ed Aczel and I will be presenting a performance of our script Ed & Joz's Heist Movie, a 15-minute short film script in which we play career criminals who need to up their game by staging an audacious heist. We're currently in the process of expanding the script into a longer-running sitcom idea, but will be performing the current draft of the script as a self-contained 15-minute thing. It's being performed on Monday 19th February at Soho Theatre, alongside great scripts from Eleanor Morton (I think I might be in that one as well) and Luke Courtier. Please do come along if you'd like to see the current state of an idea me and Ed have been working very hard on! Tickets and more information here.