50 Greatest Films In 50 Sketches

I'll be part of a really exciting, huge, ridiculous charity comedy event at the start of March, which you can read a bit about on Beyond The Joke here. It's the brainchild of Simon Lukacs and will be an ambitious all-day event at a refurbished old cinema in Walthamstow (formerly the Granada Cinema, now called Mirth, Marvel and Maud) in which around 50 comedians stage short reinterpretations of the 50 Greatest Films of All Time, as selected by IMDb. I think Comedians' Cinema Club will naturally be involved at some point during the day, and I'll be doing a solo reimagining of one of my own favourite films, Magnolia. The lineup is incredible and includes the likes of Sara Pascoe, Adam Riches, Max and Ivan and so many more. All proceeds go to the Halo Trust, a really great charity. You can book tickets here.