Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast: Cinemastermind

Regular fans of the Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast will know it splits into three regular strands - the 1 On 1 Podcasts, in which Eric Lampaert and Matthew Highton talk to Cinema Club regulars or special guests in a 1-on-1 format about their film influences, then there's the regular podcast in which Club regulars dissect a specific film, and the third strand is Laura Lexx's wonderful Cinemastermind podcast, in which comics play head-to-head in a film trivia quiz. I've never got round to recording one of this third strand before, but in the latest episode I go up against Andrea Hubert! It's great fun and you get to play along too, you can find it alongside all the other episodes here. Alarmingly, it emerges in the course of this podcast that I have a kind of misogynist face-blindness where I seem to be unable to tell different actresses apart. I'm pretty certain that's not true and the films in these questions were just ones I'm not too sharp on, but it's a pretty poor excuse. I'll do some more homework, I promise!