The 50 Greatest Films - Thank You!

Yesterday the lovely Mirth, Marvel & Maud in Walthamstow played host to a mammoth comedy gala organised by Simon Lukacs to raise money for the Halo Trust, in which 50 different acts paid tribute to the 50 greatest films of all time. It was a really joyous, lovely, daft, silly and fun way to honour the history of cinema on the eve of the Oscars, and to raise money for a really important cause, and there were so many lovely silly ideas flying about. My favourites included Adam Larter's cardboard recreation of The Dark Knight, John Henry Falle's epic poem retelling of Die Hard and Graham Dickson's Citizen Kane in which Orson Welles was also a make-up artist and a runner. I also had a lot of fun inadvertently ruining one of my favourite films, Magnolia, by strutting about in my pants chucking frogs at people, as well as doing some very fun riffs on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Jaws with Comedians' Cinema Club. A really fun, community-spirited nonsense of a show - many thanks and congratulations to Simon for organising it, and to all the wonderful acts.