The Twelve Ronnies

As well as spending several hours counting down the 50 greatest films of all time with several dozen comics, I also spent yesterday recording a pilot for a new radio/audio project written by Benjamin Alborough and produced by Cameron Loxdale entitled The Twelve Ronnies which I think is going to be absolutely brilliant. I first worked with Ben and Cameron on Apoca Lips, which you might have seen here, and Ben's written an absolutely fantastic script having a lot of absurdist fun with the history of The Two Ronnies. It's a really fantastic script with some wonderful ideas in it and I had a really great time bringing it to life with the cast, including Ben, Harriet Cartledge and Imogen Scoppie. I'm not sure yet if it'll be released publicly once it's edited or if it's being kept private for a while so it can be pitched around, but either way, I'm sure you'll get to hear it before too long and I think it'll be absolutely wonderful. Thanks to Ben and Cameron for casting me in it, and watch this space for more news of it as it emerges!