The Audio Time Capsule Podcast

Comedian and podcaster Simon Caine runs a wonderful podcast called The Audio Time Capsule, in which guests leave questions for themselves to answer in a year's time. In August 2016 I left a bunch of questions for my future self, and in August 2017 I went back and answered them all with all the benefits of a year's hindsight, and now you can listen to the results here! Simon has very kindly let me record an additional intro bit for my episode, which isn't really part of the format, acknowledging that I wish I'd asked some more general, trivial anecdotal questions just about the meaningless stuff that occupies your life and makes up the best bits of it, rather than focusing so narrowly on comedy and mostly career-related issues. I think if I went on again I'd try to indulge more in the silly minutiae of life, because those are the things that are more fun to reflect on, but when I recorded the questions I think I assumed the podcast was supposed to have a more comedy-centric angle to it. I now realise just how broad and exciting a concept it is, and I hope if I ever guest on it again I think to ask myself some more varied questions. Nonetheless, it was really fun to be involved, and many thanks to Simon for having me. I hope you enjoy my scattered thoughts on comedy and writing and performance and healthy eating and global politics in 2017!