The Family Tree Podcast - Season 2 Episode 10: The Last Adventure

The latest episode of The Family Tree Podcast is a bit of a tough one, particularly for fans of my character Nathan Sullivan. Myself and Nigel Masters (Michael Brunstrom) head off to the jungles of South America to look for a jaguar and it doesn't go very well. Anybody who has been following the story of the Sullivans and the adventures Nathan and Nigel have been going on will find this a very important one. It's about bereavement and death and writer/producers Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite have done a really wonderful job on it. I really love this episode, I think the comedy and silliness of mine and Michael's recordings in the jungle have been made so much sadder by being contextualised as part of a bigger tragedy in the frame narrative. I think it's a really wonderful piece of work, this episode. You can listen to it here.