Chortle Award - Comedy Event of the Year!

Last night the Weirdos production of Tony Law & Friends: The Battle For Icetopia won the Chortle Award for the Comedy Event of the Year. As ever with Weirdos, I was only one small part of that production (though I'm told the bit where I fell over and nearly broke my jaw was one of the highlights), and this award really belongs to Adam Larter and Tony Law, but it meant a lot to go and collect it next to Adam. Being a part of the story of Weirdos so far has been one of my favourite things I've ever done in my life, and I hope to continue being part of that story for a long time still. Being there and seeing my friend's hard work and vision finally being given the recognition it deserves was really very lovely. Congratulations to the entire Icetopia gang, what a lovely show and what a deserved win. Congratulations also to the complete list of winners, which you can read here. My favourite thing about all this is that none of us lot were actually told about the awards or invited to them, so we were in the middle of a pub quiz when we found out we'd won, then jumped in a taxi to go and crash the awards and claim what was rightfully ours. Here we are with it: