Edinburgh Show

As I've posted here a few times already, I won't be doing a full run of a new show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, as I got a bit tired last year and wanted a year off to work on more scripted TV/film/radio projects. But I love the Fringe and would be sad if I didn't go up there to do something, so I'm excited to announce I've just arranged to do this nonsense with Heroes of Fringe for just two performances on the BlundaBus. You won't need to know who Mr Fruit Salad is to find the show funny. I've genuinely got no idea who he is, and I'm gonna find this show absolutely hilarious, so there you go. If you're up at the Fringe then pop this in your diaries, it's gonna be fun! And I'll post ticket links etc as and when it's time for all that.