The Baby - Category Finalist!

The Baby is a finalist in the Arthouse and Experimental Category, and a finalist for Best Film, at Brighton Rocks Film Festival! This is the very first bit of formal feedback we've had on it, and I'm sure there'll be knockbacks to come, but I'm pretty proud and excited that so early on in our trying to get our foot in the door as filmmakers it's had such an encouraging response from a lovely festival. You can read the full list of finalists here.

If you'd like to see the film, it's being screened in May at Kino Bermondsey as part of the amazing Shooting The Breeze short film night, alongside some other shorts from brilliant filmmakers, and you can book tickets here.

And if you'd like some indication of what the hell it is, there's a lovely trailer below.

Massive congratulations and thanks to Sam and Lucy and Lottie for making this weird little thing, and to Eleanor and William for being brilliant in it. Long way to go with it yet, but it's exciting to have such nice things happen for it straight out the gate.