The Family Tree - Season 2 Series Finale

"Hey Joz, so since the sad news about your character in The Family Tree a few episodes ago, I guess you're not in the series any more, right?"

OH THINK AGAIN GUYS!!! No spoilers here, but somehow or other Nathan is back in the latest episode. Big big twists going on here, and it's the series finale. Pretty bloody massive, this one. Devised and produced by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite, and starring Lucy Ayrton, Zack Polanski, Michael Brunstrom and myself. Genuinely quite tough, this one. I'd also like to do a little heartfelt congratulations to Dave and Jen for doing such an amazing job on this series. There are some amazing revelations in this episode (the cast often aren't fully briefed on the big picture of what's going on in the plot until the episodes go out) and some really emotional moments, and I think the intricate way this story has unfolded is really impressive. Well done them for making something very special. You can listen to the series finale here.

Also, Dave tells me things are now being put in place for Season 3 of The Family Tree. "Will you be part of that, Joz?" Genuinely no idea, like I say, the story of this series is a complicated and intricate and surprising thing. But like I say, it's a wonderful series with a huge amount of ambition that tells an exciting story in very unusual ways, and if you've enjoyed it you can contribute towards the making of Series 3 by pledging on Patreon here. I hope you enjoy the Season 2 finale!