The Boring Talks

I imagine lots of visitors to this site will already be aware of the Boring Conference, an annual event in which guest speakers talk about mundane, boring, obvious, ordinary, overlooked things they are fascinated by, curated by the brilliant James Ward. This year the conference is branching out and doing a few smaller events through the year as well, including the Boring Talks at the British Library in June. I'm very, very excited to be one of the guest speakers for the Boring Talks, where I'll be talking about my favourite place in the entire world, Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station at East Midlands Parkway. Over the last few years East Midlands Parkway has become a centre of peace and calm and meaning for me, and I have undergone pilgrimages to it in order to lift myself out of low moods. I cannot even begin to explain to myself why it has this power over me and I'm hugely excited to try and explore the idea as part of such a wonderful event. You can find out more information and book tickets here. Here are some photos of Ratcliffe-on-Soar that I've taken on some of my journeys there.