Well this is exciting news. The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society is being recorded forever for posterity as a shiny DVD special for the good folks at Go Faster Stripe. I think everybody reading this knows what ACMS is, but for the few that might not, it's a sort of anarchic mixed-bill show that was started a few years ago by a Board of comics including regular hosts John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck, and since then has incorporated a range of various idiots into its Board and played residencies and festivals across the country. I've been performing with them on and off since 2012, more regularly since 2015 and joined the Board officially in 2016, and it remains one of my favourite places to prat about with a stupid idea, and I'm very excited that the anarchy and invention and occasional failure that ACMS exists to showcase will be captured on film. You can book tickets for the DVD record here (along with tickets to the DVD records for Thom Tuck Goes Straight To DVD and Tony Law's Absurdity For The Common People, which are being recorded the same day), and you can read more about the new on Chortle here.