Assorted Edinburgh Bits

As I posted here before, my plan this year was actually to not really do the Fringe, and to only pop up for a long weekend and watch some shows, do some gigs and do 2 work-in-progress shows in a yurt while disguised in a false beard. That's backfired massively since I was cast in Timmy and I'm now not only going up for the whole month to appear in that play, I've also ended up being involved in a whole bunch of other shows too because I don't know how to turn down opportunities to do good things. So this is what my Fringe "fallow year" is looking like and where you'll be able to see me this year:

Timmy - This is the main one. A really lovely, funny, characterful two-hander by Roxy Dunn that's being produced by Robin Rayner and Viscera Theatre, and directed by Hanna Berrigan. It's being performed by me and Roxy, and is about break-ups and youth and not knowing the answers to things. It plays at the Assembly George Square Studios every day at 4:15pm and you can book tickets here.

Joz Norris Has No Show This Year, But Mr Fruit Salad Does - This is just a bit of nonsense, really. I've not been gigging as much this year, but have been occasionally playing around with some live ideas while hiding in a disguise and pretending my name is Mr Fruit Salad, and that's been surprisingly fun and gratifiying. I'll be bumbling through all my current ideas from the year while Mr Fruit Salad insists he's real for two days in a yurt, on the 18th and 19th of August at 9:00pm, and you can book tickets here.

Marny Godden: Marnytown - I'm just teching this one, so won't be super involved in a creative capacity, though Marny tells me there might be the odd moment where I become involved in things. Marny's one of the best clowns and character comics out there and I'm really excited to help bring her latest collection of creations to life. It's on at the Hive every day at 6:20pm, and you can book tickets here.

John-Luke Roberts' Terrible Wonderful Adaptations - One of my highlights of last year's Fringe was John-Luke Roberts' stage adaptation of Francis Fukuyama's The End Of History, as part of Mark Watson's Festival of Bad Ideas, for which I interpreted a chapter on the weakness of strong states by eating an entire pineapple to Brian Eno's Apollo album. This year John-Luke is staging three adaptations, and I'll be involved in a recreation of both Ulysses and A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu on the 24th at 11:20pm at the Pleasance Dome. You can book tickets here.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society - As usual, I'll be popping up at ACMS every now and again to try out some stupid ideas, and I also think my WIP Mr Fruit Salad show will be doing a full performance in an ACMS slot at some point, but the date for that is TBC. ACMS is on at Monkey Barrel at 11:55pm most nights, and will feature pretty much everybody in Edinburgh at some point. Get on down and enjoy watching some idiots be silly, and you can book tickets here.

Adam Larter's Boogie Knights - I'm not a regular part of the cast for Adam's show this year sadly, thanks to my doing Edinburgh at all coming through so last-minute, but there are some very fun bit-parts which I think are being played by a revolving cast throughout the month, and I'll occasionally be pitching in to play some of them. Dates for my doing this are TBC, but I love this show so much and am very excited I get to be a very small part of Adam's stuff again for a third year. It's basically a Medieval disco fantasy adventure and you can book tickets here.

Questing Time - Speaking of fantasy adventures, one of my favourite one-off gigs I did last year was taking part in Paul Foxcroft's Questing Time, a really funny improv show built around an actual game of Dungeons & Dragons, which I love. I'll be guesting at this again at some point during this year's Fringe, though the dates are TBC. You can book tickets for the run here though.

And that's the lot I think! Some year off.