The Family Tree - That's A Wrap!

Just wanted to post a quick something here to say a huge thank you and congratulations to Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite for everything they've achieved so far on The Family Tree podcast, because today I recorded what I think is my final episode for the series! I really can't say much more than that because, as regular listeners will know, the very format of the series means it unfolds via a series of surprising, improvised twists-and-turns, and the sheer fact that my character has anything else to record is a bit of a surprise considering what happened in Series 2. But now already I'm dropping potential spoilers for anybody who's not up-to-date on it, so I really should stop. I'm not going to give away what Nathan's involvement in Series 3 is, or hint too much towards anything, because the show really is more fun if you discover its mysteries along with it.

What I do want to say, though, is that Dave and Jen have achieved something really quite special with it. Myself and the cast have been recording it since 2016, and have been carrying these characters around in our heads for 2 and a half years now, so that we've really lived the twists and turns in their lives in real-time, and got to have a huge say in how those characters have evolved because it's all steered by improv according to Dave and Jen's bigger plans for the series. I think it's a really fascinating way to tell a story, and it's been a really rewarding thing to work on as an actor, to grow alongside a character for such a long time. I've really enjoyed having Nathan in my head. The series is doing pretty well I think, and has a healthy listenership and has got some great feedback and reviews, but there's now quite a lengthy hiatus between now and Series 3, which will be out in 2019. I think that time is a great gap in which to go back and get up-to-speed with it all, as there is a lot of it, but it's a really exciting story worth following from the very beginning. The very nature of the story, and the nature of the show's format, means it pretty much resists easy categorisation. There are episodes in which me and Michael Brunstrom discuss time travel and aliens that felt like recording a sort of silly narrative comedy thing, there are episodes with other characters that go heavily into politics and activism and current affairs, and there are recent episodes grounded much more in human drama that I've found really quite moving to record, and there's a really imaginative, fascinating magical-realist narrative that ties everything together. I recommend giving it a listen.

You can catch up on it at the website here, or via whatever app you usually use to get your podcasts, and if you really want to support it you can pledge to the Patreon here. It's a really great series and I've loved bringing Nathan to life. Now go and catch up and then sit tight for Series 3 to find out what on earth I'm doing in it. Thanks for having me, Dave and Jen.