Thank You, Boring Talks!

I spoke at the Boring Talks at the British Library on Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station at East Midlands Parkway, because it's my favourite place in the world and I wanted to try and express it. Everything I've ever made is pretty much about the impossibility of ever really expressing the filter through which you see the world, but usually I have to try and make it silly, and it was so lovely to just talk sincerely about a place I love and try to communicate why. A recording of my talk is now archived for all time in the British Library, which is quite nice, but I'm thinking of also transcribing it and posting it here in case anybody's interested in what I talked about, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, many thanks to James Ward and the British Library for having me at the talks, and a big congratulations to the other speakers, Tim Chipping on the fascinating history of the Panacea Society, and Jess MacDonald with her beautiful photos of empty London Underground stations. Keep on celebrating the boring things in your lives. The next Boring Talks is in September and I imagine you'll be able to get tickets for it when they're on sale from the Boring Conference website here.