ACMS - Available on DVD Soon!

Last night the amazing people of indie DVD label Go Faster Stripe undertook the mammoth task of filming a live DVD of an entire ACMS show, which as any regular ACMS-goers will know, is a pretty massive job to take on. I imagine a finished, edited version won't be complete for quite a while, but at some point in the future you'll be able to buy a full DVD of one particular happening of the show from the Go Faster Stripe webite here. It was a really lovely event to be part of, as ACMS was been a real hub for creativity and imagination in comedy for many years now, and over the last 3 or so has been one of my absolute favourite places to experiment with ideas and be silly and build up a working relationship with a repeat audience. I think it's an absolute joy and has a special little place of its own in the history of the live comedy scene, and having a show on record is a nice way to preserve that. The same team also recorded Thom Tuck's Straight To DVD the same day, and Tony Law's new show A Lost Show, both of which I'm told were wonderful, so do keep an eye out for them on the Go Faster Stripe site as well. The ACMS DVD featured regular hosts John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck, board members Steve Pretty, Eleanor Morton, Alexis Dubus and myself, special guests Howard Read, Bec Hill, Sameena Zehra, Shelf, Zoe Tomalin, Adam Larter, Andrew O'Neill and Sophie Duker, and sort of mystery cameos from board members Ben Target and Tom Bell, and possibly some others on the DVD TBC. This guy popped up too, photo courtesy of ACMS's ace producer Isabelle: