ACMS's Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations

Long-time visitors to this site will know that I used to publish a stupidly long list of Edinburgh shows by people I admired every year, but I stopped it last year as I realised it just never matched the dedication shown by ACMS and Comedy Club 4 Kids producer Isabelle Adam, who has everybody else licked when it comes to this kind of thing. I think in the next couple of weeks she'll be releasing her alternative Fringe brochure containing both shows endorsed and recommended by ACMS, and shows that look interesting/weird/impossible/awful enough to be of interest to ACMS's masochistic audiences. That brochure is always a wonderful thing, but to tide us over until then, the ACMS website now has a full list of recommended shows at the Fringe this year, including those by the Board and many more besides. They're all going to be incredible as Isabelle has excellent taste. The physical, more exhaustive brochures, will I think be being handed out at ACMS at the Phoenix on the 10th July, which you can book tickets for here. Thanks for all the amazing hard work Isabelle!