The 1001 Albums Project

Not really a huge thing, this, as it was an entirely arbitrary personal challenge I set myself, but today, after a year and a bit, I've completed my "1001 Albums I Heard Before I Died" project, which I've been compiling over on this page for a while. Essentially, I've always been a big music nerd and I love setting myself marathon challenges when it comes to listening to music and love listening to albums and discographies all the way through rather than cherry-picking playlists of my favourite songs, so I thought I'd set myself a mammoth challenge and try to listen to my own personally-curated list of my favourite 1001 albums from 1955 up to the present day, in chronological order, and write a little mini-review for each of them sharing my thoughts on what I think going back to them, as there were some I hadn't listened to in years. Like I say, it's all very personal and a propos of nothing, but if there are any people reading this who are huge music nerds like me, then feel free to peruse and see if any of your favourites are in there! Also, the list is currently only 996 albums long as I want some space to add some new releases over the rest of the year, then I guess from 2019 onwards if I want to add things I have to remove something! But, as it stands at the moment, the list is currently done. Enjoy!