BBC Quickies - When You Don't Watch Love Island

Earlier this year, I got to perform in a really fun short sketch as part of BBC Three's Quickies strand, in which me and Maddy Anholt played royal wedding planners interviewing people in Windsor about Harry and Meghan. The BBC were kind enough to invite me back to play a very little part in another Quickie, which you can watch here (sorry, as before, Wix's blog function still doesn't let you embed Facebook videos directly). I'm only a small bit-part this time, banging a drum and making a face, but it's a really great little script from Catherine Brinkworth about the current cult-ish obsession with Love Island, and features some great performances from Alison Thea-Skot, Olga Koch and Alice Marshall, with further supporting cameos from Patrick Spicer, Alex Lynch, Mike Shephard and Lola Jagun, and it was directed and produced by Ben Sutton. Enjoy, and thanks to Ben and BBC Three for having me!