Two More EdFringe Bits

A while ago, I wrote this blog post detailing the various places you'll be able to see me doing creative stuff up at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. I just thought I'd add the details of a couple of extra shows I'll now be appearing/contributing to:

What Has The News Ever Done For Me? - On the 12th I'll be one of the panellists on this topical news quiz hosted by Grainne Maguire, alongside Olga Koch and Pope Lonergan. I appeared on the show a couple of years ago and it was great fun, seeing comedians fighting over what the most important news story on any given day is. You can find more info and book tickets here.

Holt And Talbot: Mansplaining Feminism - I also have a cameo of sorts in Rosie Holt and Christian Talbot's sketch show in which Christian tries to explain the basic tenets of feminism to Rosie. I won't be physically appearing, but my pre-recorded voice has a cameo in one sketch, though I won't spoil who I'm playing for fear of taking the fun out of the sketch. It was a fun little thing to record, though, so do head along to it! More info and tickets here.